Sacramento Chess Club
Chess Links Page

These links are the ones that I currently use most often.  Additional links will be added in the future as I have time to access and use other sites.

CalChess:  Northern California Chess Association. UPDATED!  
Chessdryad -- California Chess History. Lots of excellent information on clubs, players, ratings, events, and more! Maintained by California Chess Historian Kerry Lawless and company.
History of Chess in Sacramento 1934-1996 by Scott Gordon.
The Campbell Report:  Chess articles with an emphasis on correspondence chess.  
The Correspondence Chess Place: John Knudsen's correspondence chess site.
Chess Maniac: Dennis Steele's free e-mail chess site. Contains a chess store, chess resources, and chess links. 
Mechanics Institute:  Home of the oldest chess club on the west coast!
Reno Chess Club Chess action in the Biggest Little City in the World!
ChessBase USA:  ChessBase's USA web site.
Susan Polgar's Home Page:  Home page of the former Women's World Champion.
Sophia Polgar's Home Page:  Home page of the Sophia Polgar.
US Chess:  Website of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).
Continental Chess Association:  The organization that puts on some of the "mega" events in the country.  At last check, a play-for-free website. A site with unique chess sets for sale.
Online Chess :  According to Bulgarian IM Kalin Karakehayov, "a small, but useful site". 
Chess Artist:  Art and the chess world combined. 
Colorado Chess Games:  Games from players in the state of Colorado. 

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