Sacramento Chess Club
Closed Championship Rules

Details of the Rules

1.   This event is a 10-player round robin. 

2.   The current Sacramento Chess Club Champion is automatically seeded into the tournament (must still comply with rule 3A). 

3.   The remaining nine players will consist of the highest rated players who 

      A.  arrive on-site during the registration period(s) (no e-mail or phone entries);

      B.  pay the $25 entry fee;

      C.  have played at least four games in one Sacramento Chess Club Tuesday night tournament with a time control of G/60 or slower in the previous twelve months;

      D.  commit to playing all nine games.   Players who do not complete the playing schedule will be ineligible for the next year's Sacramento Chess Club Closed Championship.

4.   No half-point byes will be given for this tournament.  If a player can not make a scheduled game, they must reschedule the game to be played at another time prior to round 9.  The tournament director must be notified that a game has been rescheduled, including when and where the game will be played.  When the result of a rescheduled game has been determined, the tournament director must be notified at the next opportunity.  All games in rounds 1 through 8 must be complete by the time round 9 starts. 

5.   Time control is G/60 +15 sec increment unless facility circumstances require the tournament director to change the time control. 

6.   This tournament will be held in conjunction with the Sacramento Chess Club Spring Swiss, generally during the April-May time frame. 

7.   Prize money distribution: 1st place: $150; 2nd Place: $75